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Diagnostic Consultation

When beginning services, Laura conducts three diagnostic consultation sessions to better get to know you and your specific needs. The intent of these sessions is three fold. Most importantly, these sessions function to allow each individual an opportunity to assess his/her/their comfortably and connection in the therapeutic relationship. Secondly, these sessions operate as an assessment to ensure Laura has the appropriate clinical training to best support you. Finally, if applicable, Laura will provide a DSM-5 diagnosis. 


Diagnostic consultation services are 53- minute structured sessions in which Laura will lead a conversation on topics ranging from current symptoms, medical and psychological history, developmental history, social relationships, and substance use/abuse. At completion of these sessions, Laura will initiate a discussion reflecting on the initial therapeutic rapport, desire for continuation into therapy services, and set goals for individual therapy.  

Individual Therapy- Telehealth Services 

All individual therapy services are conducted via HIPAA compliant telehealth platforms. Individual therapy services are 53 minutes in duration and are comprised of open-ended conversations guided by previously set personal goals. Throughout these sessions, Laura practices from a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) theoretical framework which focuses on the relationship and influence between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. CBT in turn assists individuals in developing self awareness and changing patterns of thoughts and behaviors. In addition, Laura incorporates the use of Psychodynamic theory in order to assist individuals in developing awareness of the origin of behaviors and dynamics within relationships.


Research outlines that weekly individual therapy appointments yield most effective results, thus Laura recommends meeting with individuals one time per week. Additional sessions per week are accommodated on an as-needed- basis. Duration of individual therapy services varies per person; however, average length of services is one year. 

CEU Trainings 

Laura provides 1-3 hour CEU trainings covering substance use disorder topics. Topics include but are not limited to psychopharmacology and substance abuse counseling techniques/intervention. Services are independently contracted through organizations, agencies, or groups upon request. 

My Approach
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